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We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Indigenous youth through revitalizing their Menominee cultural connection to self and Mother Earth. Our nature based Indigenous approach cultivates a safe and healthy environment to build relationships and empower self-resiliency through our model...Heal, Build, Inspire.



Healing through creating strong connections to Mother Earth and traditional teachings

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Building spiritual, cultural and physical health


Inspiring indigenous youth through amazing experiences

A journey...

Our work is done in phases starting with the initial group at the ages of 11-12 and walking with them for a three-year period before we start to focus on a new group. We do this to ensure we are building relationships and having a significant impact on their lives. We begin at these ages because of the physical ability needed to participate in most activities but more importantly, this is a crucial time for prevention of the many challenges such as alcohol, teenage pregnancy, drugs, and violence. The journey evolves through cultural, community, physical, spiritual growth and self-esteem building activities and experiences.

Our 2022 journey & activities

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