Women’s Leadership Cohort MMIW

As strong native women, we need a place to gather, to pray, to heal, to share, to love, to support, and a place to be ourselves in a world that is pushing us to be everything we are not.






We are women (and men) of all ages coming together to participate in a leadership cohort to empower women and train future leaders. We work to combat the MMIW epidemic by creating access to traditional knowledge, community organizing, and policy change with the guidance of our grandmothers. 

Our work will also strengthen connections to self and culture through women’s circles, medicine gathering, sweat lodge, traditional birthing/doula teachings, and traditional foods.  Women will also receive training in advocacy skills, power mapping, policy work, resiliency, and group facilitation. All are welcomed to join us in this amazing work to protect life!

Our Work:

What have we been up to? And what is in the future?


  • Working with WI State legislature and allies to move the MMIW Task Force Bills into action

  • Hosting community sweat lodges for those who need support and healing

  • Hosted a MMIW Panel at CMN to bring awareness 

  • Helping plan Tiny Homes for Healing, to create transitional housing for women and families

  • Holding women’s group in the Menominee Detention Facility 

  • Birthing Justice- reclaiming traditional birthing practices through Doula trainings

  • Monthly meetings 

  • Presenters at Women Are Sacred Conference 2020

MMIW Learning Collaborative:

Each month we will host an online learning session around the issues of MMIW to provide opportunity for:

  1. organizer training and skill building

  2. legislative updates

  3. wellness and healing tools

  4. guest speakers

  5. open discussion and question time


We invite you to share your knowledge, for the whole story is found in the collective voice!













We want to work with and for the community, to uplift women, young women, and those who identify as women to reclaim their voice! As indigenous women we have all faced violence and many traumas in our lives; however, we know that when women gather something amazing happens, we heal, we laugh, and we ignite a fire within. So, we invite all women of the community to join us in our efforts to prevent MMIW, violence against women, and create changes that will prevent it!


We also work to create safe spaces where women can take care of themselves mind, body, and spirit. We commit to each other, to first work on ourselves so that we can do the work for our community. All we do, is decided upon as a group using each other’s talents to make it happen. Not one person can do this work alone, we must be willing to work with each other and encourage others who are doing wellness work within our community! We are breaking cycles of violence, and that includes lateral violence. So, we invite you to join us in this work, attend our trainings/events, or simply attend sweats/circles. Maec Waewaenen! 

If you have any questions or are interested in upcoming events/trainings, please contact:

Cherie Thunder
Email: thunder@menomineerebuilder.org

Maria Haskins


Office: 715-787-3432

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