Tiny Home Healing

What is the purpose of the Menīkānaehkem tiny homes?

The tiny homes are an opportunity for community members to find safe spaces during times of transition that connect them to the land, language, and identity. Our goal is to create a sheltered place to heal, grow, learn, and reclaim independence through support of community. 

Rebuilding in Our Way

Menīkānaehkem knows that indigenous peoples are the answer to our issues, and safe, stable housing is the first step to healing and growth. While staying in these tiny homes community members will: help give back to community, remain sober, be connected to resources, both cultural and agency, participate in training and strengthen health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Upon exit, they will be asked to return as a mentor the next tiny home residents. This is taking care of self, community, and family through accountability, relationships and restorative approaches to change. This is meant to be a transitional stay to build up to the next step, generally 90 days is the limit. It is up to the individual to walk the walk, they must do the work; our job is to hold space and create a sheltered place to do so.

Where are they located?

The tiny homes are located on the Menīkānaehkem property just outside of Middle Village. Each tiny home resident will have access to gardens, teaching lodge, grounds, and will help maintain them.

How to Apply or Refer

Print application via website and return in person or email:

Tiny Home Application

Tiny Home MOU

For further information email or call:



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