Oskēh Pemātesewak

Our Purpose

We are Oskēh Pemātesewak, youth organizers of Menīkānaehkem. Our purpose is to encourage and strengthen our past and present culture, language, and traditions into the future generations.

2020 Goals
  • A retreat will be held and a youth sweat lodge will be built by community youth, traditional knowledge holder, elders, and community members on Menīkānaehkem land.
  • A youth-led PodCasts will be started reporting out on our experiences as native youth, mental health and awareness, tribal youth issues, current events and issues, and how to engage in local culture-based activities.
  • We will participate in sweat lodges and know the sweat lodge meaning, teaching, and protocols.
  • We will participate in and/or lead youth socials focused on promoting Hope, Meaning, Belonging, and Purpose; such as round dance, movie night, open mic, lock-in, moccasin game, or kayaking.
  • We will participate in youth focused traditional teachings/community organizer trainings held in the Teaching Lodge.
2020-21 Goals
  • Teaching lodge: The purpose is to immerse youth in our cultural teachings and engage them in an apprentice opportunity.

  • Sweat lodge: This will entail teachings of the lodge and provide the space for the youth to use this ceremony as a way of healing.

  • Outreach: Outreach in local schools will be done by Indigenous adults from the community who will lead discussions featuring their recovery stories with youth and how our culture has kept them on a positive road of sobriety.

  • Community Feast: The youth want to have their own garden space to maintain at Menīkānaehkem. They will collaborate with the Food Sovereignty organizers to begin this project in April. The youth will develop a greater understanding of where their foods comes from and what it really takes to grow your own food. This will enhance their understanding of what unity in community means.