Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our staff are trained organizers who continuously practice self-care and evaluation. They also participate in additional training and workshops for the growth of themselves, the organization, and the community.


Kristin is from the Menominee Nation, and is a lead organizer for the Women’s Leadership Cohort MMIW. Her work includes revitalizing traditional matriarchal roles within indigenous communities through identity work, systems change, and advocacy for survivors of violence.

Lead Organizer


Cherie Thunder is Menominee, Potawatomi, German, Irish, and Swedish. She works to uplift Menominee food sovereignty and traditional harvesting/gathering. Cherie mentors the youth cohort, Oskéh-pemátesewak, supports the MMIW Women’s Leadership Cohort and various initiatives of the organization.

Lead Organizer


Maria works as a mentor with the Youth Leadership Cohort, but also closely with other initiatives in the organization such as Food Sovereignty and Women’s Leadership Cohort.

Lead Organizer


Anahkwet (Guy Reiter) is a traditional Menominee who resides on the Menominee Reservation. He's also a Community organizer, activist, author, amateur archaeologist and lecturer.

Executive Director

Greg is a Ph.D. candidate in American Studies at Brown University and an organizer with Menīkānaehkem. Greg leads the energy sovereignty initiative at Menīkānaehkem and works collaboratively on other projects as needed. 

Lead Organizer


Rachel organizes community with the MMIW Women’s Leadership Cohort. She helps in the community bringing light to ending gender based violence. She is also an activist that fights for our land, air, and water by organizing with the No Back 40 Mine initiative.

Lead Organizer

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