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Food Sovereignty


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Our Purpose

The significance of our relationship to food lives in how we are identified from the neighboring tribes who called us “Menominee,” people of the wild rice. “Menomin”- wild rice- was one of the many foods that were considered a cultural cornerstone of our diet and it was said that where our people moved the rice followed. 

Mamaceqtawak- “Movers of life” is how we identified ourselves as a people which ties us directly to all of creation. Food is sacred to us and was never thought of as a product. It was prayed for, and thanks was given to our food and “kesaeh monitoh” our creator before we harvested. 

We believe, as indigenous people, that through restoring our cultural relationship with food, creation and Mother Earth we will create a holistic pathway to health and wellness. 

Our goal is to revitalize our food systems by weaving our cultural practices into both traditional and modern farming methods. We plan to build an aquaponics facility so that we can extend our growing season and will be an integral part of our traditional growing season.  This will create opportunities for our community to gather once again and share knowledge that was passed down to understand the impact our food has on our everyday life and traditions.

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