Operating Costs

We operate out of a two story house on an 80 acre farm. A donation here helps us create a safe working and gathering environment for our staff, volunteers, and community.

Environmental Justice

The Protectors of the Menominee River are working to protect and honor our Menominee ancestors and all of creation. 

Young People Rising

Oskēh Pemātesewak's purpose is to encourage and strengthen our past and present culture, language, and traditions into the future generations. 



We will create awareness and inspire real change around food sovereignty and security  issues. To model and encourage healthy and sustainable community lifeways .

Women's Leadership

As strong native women, we gather, to pray, to heal, to share, to love, to support, and create place to be ourselves in a world that is pushing us to be everything we are not.

Tiny Homes

for Healing

 Our goal is to create a sheltered place to heal, grow, learn, and reclaim independence through support of community.


We are reclaiming our culture by ensuring our way of doing things reflects who we are and where we come from.

Renewable Energy

 We seek to enrich the lives of the community through a proactive approach to clean and healthy living while promoting environmentally friendly sustainable practices.