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Pōsōh māwaw new weyak, Newīswan Namāēwkūkiw. Rachel Fernandez eneq āēkāēyan. Netōtāēm āwew awāēhsaeh. Nōhnaeq kaehnap Luke Beauprey. Nekiah āwew Karen Beauprey. Eneq s’kew wēkiyan Middle Village. 


Hello everybody, My name is Sturgeon Woman. Rachel Fernandez is what I’m called. My clan is bear. My dad used to be Luke Beauprey. My mother is Karen Beauprey. Middle Village is where I live.


I am an organizer for Menikanaehkem. I help with the MMIW Women’s Leadership Cohort. I help in the community bringing light to ending gender based violence. I am also an activist that fights for our land, air, and water. I do work on the NoBack40 initiative. I firmly believe reclaiming traditional knowledge through our blood memory is an amazing awakening and we are doing this work that our ancestors fought for, struggled through, and endured to get us here. We are decolonizing and it’s beautiful.


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