kristin welch

Kristin Welch, BAS- ITS Human Development, is a trained Community Organizer with the Indigenous led non-profit Menīkānaehkem. She is from the Menominee Nation, and is a lead organizer for the Women’s Leadership Cohort MMIW. Her work includes revitalizing traditional matriarchal roles within indigenous communities through identity work, systems change, and advocacy for survivors of violence. 


 Kristin provides training in advocacy skills, power mapping, policy work, wellness work, and group facilitation, to empower Indigenous women organizers to create meaningful campaigns for social change.

She currently sits on the Governor’s Council of Mental Health and is the co-chair for the Adult Quality Committee. She has 10 years of experience in mental health, family wrap around care (CST), AODA prevention, and Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault advocacy before becoming a grassroots organizer.


Kristin is a proud mother of three, and a member of the healing society Three Fires Confederacy Midewewin Lodge. She believes strongly that creating partnerships with both formal and informal supports within tribal communities will help build and strengthen an Ecosystem of Care that is equitable, easily accessible, and sustainable. Her work utilizes Indigenous wellness models that offer alternate pathways to healing and are critical for healing and recovery work within tribal communities and for those who serve Indigenous peoples.

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