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On Friday, November 11, 2022, Menikanaehkem and the Menominee tribe of Wisconsin achieved a huge milestone by receiving a small heard of ten buffalo.  The eight female and two bulls arrived to roam the 66 acre Menikanaehkem farm as part of the buffalo restoration initiative in partnership with the InterTribal Buffalo Council.

Our connection


Historically the buffalo roamed the central to western edge of Wisconsin that boardered the Menominee ancestorial land.  We researched and found out that the buffalo had a big influence on our tribe and culture. A key piece of information we learned through our Menominee Historical Preservation Museum was that Chief Oshkosh was our last known Menominee chief who conducted buffalo ceremonies with songs and dances on our reservation in the mid 1800s. 


Looking forward...

Our next goal is to develop educational tours on the Menikanaehkem farm, build trails, upgrade the farms infrastructure and build an observation deck. Those participating in the tours will learn the ecological, healing power of this great animal and the cultural significance to the Menominee people. We plan to grow the herd to 280 buffalo and acquire adjacent land that will expand our current 66 acres to 850 acres.

The impact of the buffalo in our community

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Buffalo visitation sign up coming soon...

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