We are here for the love of our relatives.


Menīkānaehkem is a grassroots community organization based on the Menominee Reservation in Northeast Wisconsin working to revitalize our communities. 


To rebuild our communities by relying on our traditional organizing roots and striving for Community Wellness.


We come together with one heart and one mind to create hope for our future, through connecting to our Identity and Spirit. We do so with unclouded vision and determination; by honoring our differences and embracing our strengths as First Nations People. 


Our purpose, is to work from the heart to bring wellness to our community, to lead by example and celebrate the sacredness of life. We work to perpetuate healthy, loving, relationships with ourselves, our families, our community, and all of creation so that we create Belonging. We strengthen our minds by connecting to Land, Language, and Lineage to give our lives Meaning; and will share this with all our relatives.